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Sony DSC-RX100 Full Review

You can read my complete review of the RX100 here:

Gear Patrol RX100


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  1. My conculsion, This Sony RX100 is an fenomenal little camera. good quality lens with a useful zoom range, amazing detail, low profile and compact design, sharp and contrasty LCD screen and high ISO image quality is great too.
    I think it actually better then some micro 4/3 and SLR camera’s in portability. The image quality is not far off either. I’d pick this camera over any micro 4/3 camera and the Fuji X10.
    I love the programmable ring and function button, the clean low profile designand the fact you can shoot close-up without having to switch to a special macro mode. At the end of the day, a nicely build camera is nothing if it can’t deliver the image quality. The Sony DSC RX100 definitively delivers.
    Ten frames per second burst and you can shoot ISO 1600 and maybe even 3200 with this camera and get very good 30-40 prints! Hardly any color noise and the existing noise has a pattern which is very subtle. The 20 MP sensor delivers images with excellent detail and leaves room for some cropping too.
    Webmaster of Sony DSC RX100

    August 20, 2012 at 7:04 pm

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